ConsilumBots’ model blends artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and natural language processing to respond to evidence showing that people tend to lack adequate information when they make important educational decisions. Randomized control trials (RCTs) conducted in many countries have shown that simply having the right information at the right time can change choices, decrease dropout rates, and increase academic achievement. These outcomes can produce significantly higher lifetimes earnings for students in developing countries, reduce inequality, and potentially even increase a country’s productivity.


What could this look like in the real world?


Maria is interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.

But she’s not sure which college is best for her to attend—or if a career in pharmacy will pay the bills.

Using ConsiliumBots, Maria learns the estimated labor market earnings of graduates in the area of pharmacy. She also discovers that the nearby university does not offer pharmacy courses; thankfully, one in a city nearby does, and at a reasonable cost!


Alex lives in a community that has several high schools—but he’s not sure which one is best for him.

With ConsiliumBots, Alex and his parents can explore which schools provide the best opportunities for Alex’s future. Given that he is passionate about music, ConsiliumBots helps Alex find a school where he can cultivate that talent.