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What we do
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An innovative virtual tool that empowers students, providing them with personalized information to explore the diverse options available in the city of Bogotá, assisting them in building their life project.
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About us

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to leveraging technology to connect government data with the community in order to help people make better-informed decisions that can positively impact their well-being. Our mission is to increase access to education, housing, and other government benefits by fostering technological innovation. By doing so, we aim to empower those who need it most, and to promote social and economic equity.

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Tools developed

Digital solutions developed to address information asymmetries.


International Organizations, Universities, Local Governments & Foundations
4.5 MM.

Impacted lifes

Total parents, students, and teachers impacted

Countries impacted

Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Brazil, Dominican Republic, USA

In research

Embedded evaluation designs (Randomized Control Trials and other designs) have allowed to evaluate and generate rigorous evidence of the impact of our projects. For instance:


We want to achieve greater equity in access and transparency to government services and benefits, by providing better information to increase satisfaction and improve the opportunities for all, especially the most vulnerable population.
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor
Decidiendo para un Futuro Mejor

Why does it matter?

There is Scientific Evidence that providing relevant information at the right time can make a significant difference in students’ trajectory by reducing school dropouts and introducing options with better job prospects.
The Technology Exists. Artificial Intelligence has made personalized and dynamic information possible on a large scale (Amazon, Netflix, Spotify). We want this technology to revolutionize the way educational, housing decisions are made and how people access government services.
The Pieces are in Place. In recent years, government benefits selection processes are increasingly digitized and centralized (in education and other areas). This wealth of information has expanded the possibilities and lowered the cost of supporting families in the decision-making process with personalized information.

Our Partners


The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action LabInnovations for Poverty Action (IPA)The Agency FundIDB - Inter-American Development BankWellspring Philanthropic Fund Global Development Incubator | GDI Was Born to BuildInternational Growth Centre


Ministerio de Educación de ChileIcfes-Bot ColombiaNew Haven Public Schools GOVERNO DO ESTADO DE PERNAMBUCOMinisterio de Educación PerúMinisterio de Educación EcuadorINAFOCAM - Instituto Nacional de Formación y Capacitación del MagisterioGobierno de la Republica DominicanaPresidencia de la República DominicanaMinisterio de Economía, Planificación y Desarrollo (MEPyD)Gobernación Valle del Cauca
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We are a team with experience in different interdisciplinary fields based in the US, Chile and Colombia.