As a learning organization, our projects have embedded randomized evaluation designs. These designs have allowed to evaluate and generate rigorous evidence of the impact of those interventions through our affiliated researchers and academic advisors.

The resulting papers have been published in prestigious journals.

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Literature that supports our work

Prior research endeavors have demonstrated the efficacy of informational interventions as impactful public policy initiatives. The papers in which ConsiliumBot's founder -Christopher Neilson- participated played a crucial role in inspiring the creation of ConsiliumBots.

Research affiliates

Our affiliated researchers are a group of young professionals with expertise in behavioral economics and research, government and educational agency partnerships, IT and product development, as well as program implementation.

The opportunities of being a research affiliate at Consiliumbots

Receive support in implementing technology-related research projects aligned with ConsiliumBots' mission and vision.


Engage in ongoing ConsiliumBots projects, directly interacting with policymakers, real social issues, and fellow researchers within the affiliate network.


Contribute to research and potential publications associated with ConsiliumBots' projects.

Establish direct contact with the ConsiliumBots team and benefit from their experiences and past research projects