Smart Matching Platforms

Transforming School Admissions: Smart Digital Platforms enhance centralized processes

Reduce information biases.  Promote educational continuity and access to higher education.

Our experience with
Smart Matching Platforms

We developed digital platforms that offer solutions to improve centralized school admission processes.

Through a personalized exploration process of educational establishments with digital content and tools, simulators that use artificial intelligence, recommenders and feedback via WhatsApp, we help families make informed school choices.

OsoBot Colombia

Evaluation results show that live feedback policies in the Chilean and New Haven choice systems reduce nonplacement risk by 58% for students.


Thanks to this experience, in 2022 Tether Education is founded as the first spin-off project of ConsiliumBots. Tether offers integral solutions to optimize and simplify school admission systems for governments and families.

& collaborations

We have a strong trajectory of collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Chile to innovate in ways to communicate key information to parents and improve the admissions system. With the IDB, we carried out a cost-effectiveness study of digitalizing and centralizing the school application and assignment process.

We implemented and evaluated the impact of this type of interventions in the following locations:

Smart Matching Platforms
Smart Matching Platforms

Participating institutions

Ministerio de Educación Chile
IDB - Inter-American Development Bank